Big Game Weekend: 4 Tips Delivery Drivers Should Know

Prepare delivery drivers for one of the biggest food delivery days of the year: NFL Championship Sunday. Share these 4 delivery driver safety tips to ensure a safe championship delivery.
man using pizza delivery app while watching football game on television

As you kick off one of your busiest weekends of the year, don’t punt delivery driver safety over speed to score points with your customers. With soaring pizza sales and delivery driver shortages, we’re predicting this Sunday’s big game to be anything but boring. But just remember, while safety during the game is only worth 2 points, safety for your delivery business can be the difference between profit or loss, or life and death.


Equip Your Delivery Drivers With The Facts

We encourage owners to revisit safety procedures with their delivery drivers on a regular basis. Always remember, not everyone has the same commitment or obligation to delivery driver safety as you do.

Follow these delivery driver safety tips for a successful (and safe!) weekend:


1. Use GPS Navigation

When using their phone’s GPS navigation for directions, delivery drivers should enter the address for their delivery before leaving the store while their vehicle is in park. Have them take a moment to examine their route. It’s always helpful to understand the general direction they will be going in while also preparing them for anything unusual.

While en route, drivers should rely on the GPS voice for guidance and avoid looking at their phones as much as possible. If the GPS navigation malfunctions, instruct drivers to pull over in a safe, well-lit area to examine the issue.


2. Always choose safety over speed

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, slowing down can actually save your business money. Repeat fender benders, serious incidents, and fatalities are monetarily and emotionally expensive when they happen, and for years to come. Remind your drivers of the importance of complying with all laws and safe driving rules of the road, including complying with all speed limits, posted directional signs, and parking regulations.


3. Be on high alert for people and bikes…and those who may have been “over-served”

Pedestrians on sidewalks and cyclists using bike lanes create particular hazards. And if they happen to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the risk is even higher.

Whether others out and about have consumed alcohol, drugs, or not, prepare your drivers for erratic behaviors out on the road. Remind them to slow down, leave plenty of space between them and the car in front of them, and be exceptionally cautious of pedestrians at night.

Drivers should be cautious when turning or accelerating at an intersection or from a driveway. Be prepared for pedestrians to cross streets unexpectedly or accidentally step off of curbs. Drivers should always turn their heads from left to right before backing out or pulling forward. They should be particularly cautious at night, especially if the street is poorly lit.


4. Don’t forget to watch your step

February is famously known for hosting the NFL Championship. But it is also known for bitter-cold temperatures, wind, and ice depending on where you’re located. Remind drivers to pay attention to the ground when getting in and out of their vehicles, and to watch their steps on stairs and walkways at customer locations.

If your store’s location has experienced snow or rain in the past couple of days, be extra weary of where you’re walking. Wearing a non-slip shoe or snow shoes will help prevent injuries. Enforce with your drivers: do not run during a delivery! It increases the risk of a slip and fall and saves very little time.


What should your delivery drivers do if they get in an accident?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts and an ongoing commitment to safety, accidents happen. Remind your drivers of what to do in the event of an accident while on delivery. Keep in mind, the more information they are able to collect, the BETTER! The fewer gaps in your story, the better case your insurance company’s defense team will be able to build for you.

Whether your team wins, loses, or didn’t really even have a chance, we wish you another successful, safe, and record-breaking Sunday this year.

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