College Football Season Is Set To Kick Off…And So Is Restaurant Delivery!

Restaurant delivery is big business during the football season. Make sure your drivers are fully prepared for the influx of delivery and have a game day plan for safety.
fans in a stadium at a sporting event

The fall season is upon us, which means college football is back! Whether you’re tailgating or “homegating”, restaurant delivery is big business when preparing for game day. Here’s something to consider: recent stats show consumers are upping restaurant delivery. An April 2018 study showed that 86% of consumers are using off-premise services at least monthly, with a third using it more than they did a year ago, and food delivery is projected to grow 12% per year over the next five years.


During football season, this can be even higher. If you consider football (either college or pro) is on television almost seven days a week, this provides a franchisee with an opportunity to find the “end zone” to increase sales. Based on a recent survey of football fans, six out of seven stated they plan to order pizza during games.

Whether it’s pizza or any other delivery food, the increased traffic during this time of year creates the need for heightened safety awareness by your drivers. To make sure your staff is fully prepared for the influx of delivery activity, be sure to have a “game day” plan for safety.

    • Pay special attention when traveling near stadiums or areas hosting sporting events on game day as traffic will be heavier. As always, defensive driving is recommended.
    • Campuses are full of pedestrians on game day so it’s important to drive slowly, obey speed limits, and be on the lookout for pedestrians.
    • Watch for large groups of people, especially after the game, when pedestrians are more likely to run out into traffic or dart in and out of traffic.
    • Allow yourself enough time to reach your destination throughout game day. Expect delays near stadiums and plan for alternate routes.

Consider reviewing our “Safety Guidelines for Delivery Drivers” article again with your employees. These driving tips will serve you well during this college football season and throughout the entire year.  Remember, a good defense not only applies on the football field but on the roads, too!

As the restaurant delivery business continues to grow, we want to see our customers score by increasing profitability during this college football season and beyond!

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