Getting Your QSR Business In Shape

Who knew getting your business into shape was easier than getting yourself into shape? Learn more about how Intrepid Direct can save your quick service restaurant 10-15% on your business insurance.
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Who knew getting your business into shape was easier than getting yourself into shape?While eating celery and riding your Peloton is great for your body, there’s an even easier solution to get your business into fighting shape – and you barely have to lift a finger.


The 10-Minute Workout for Your QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) Business

One 10-minute online quote with Intrepid Direct Insurance saves you 15-20% on business insurance, on average. That’s more to reinvest back into the company, more to hire that extra staff person, or more just to give yourself a day off.
Every penny matters for a QSR, so why not start by saving money with your insurance? Direct insurance is insurance your traditional agent can’t access. Intrepid saves you money by being direct, a.k.a. cutting out the middleman. By being both the insurance provider and seller, we remove the person who usually takes a 15-20% cut from your insurance bills. And speaking of bills, we divide ours into 12 equal payments due monthly, which you can pay with a credit card with no extra fees!
Saving money is important, but better protecting your business will make you sleep better in 2019. Intrepid Direct is the franchise restaurant expert. We offer all required coverages that your franchisor requires, plus offer suggestions on limits and other needed coverages that will best protect your business. If things do go wrong, our claims team has more than 50 combined years of experience to successfully guide you through the process.
So now that your business insurance is in shape, what else can you do to strengthen your financial performance?


Beach Bod Books

Not a numbers person? Let a tech solution do it for you. There are many time-saving services that automate bookkeeping.
Our favorite is Ceterus, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to not only lessen manual tasks but to employ business data for informed decision-making. Ceterus automatically pulls data from multiple platforms like Macromatix, bank, payroll, and Vantiv into one easy-to-understand view. You can even select personalized benchmarks to compare your performance against your competitors. And since it’s mobile-friendly, you can opt-in for alerts to get updates anywhere.


Make Every Mile Count

If you do a lot of delivery, listen up. A new service called Drivosity is leading food delivery telematics. Your delivery drivers’ safety behavior changes instantly with Drivosity. Through a scoring method, drivers see their scores after each delivery and are encouraged to beat their fellow drivers. Drivosity helps operations run more efficiently as well.


Hit the Gym with Your Business

Get a free quote from Intrepid Direct Insurance. No agent can access us, so you won’t disrupt your current relationship while exploring this insurance shape-up.

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