Intrepid’s Business Insurance Tips in Restaurant Business Magazine

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If you’ve read our recent article in Restaurant Business Magazine, you already have the inside scoop on the three ways to save on restaurant business insurance without skimping on coverage.

Intrepid Direct Insurance delivers on all three points, eliminating the hungry middleman while delivering top-rate coverages.


We’re direct

As a direct provider, Intrepid Direct has the ability to make decisions quickly while cutting out the costly middleman, saving owners up to 20%. 

We specialize in restaurant insurance

Intrepid Direct’s team is dedicated to restaurant franchise insurance. They know what coverages are required, recommended, and unnecessary. They are immersed in their franchise partners’ business to know the issues, risks, and service needs. 

We offer all coverages in one bundle – including hired and non-owned

Each insurance system is tailored from the following full range of restaurant coverages:

    • Hired and non-owned
    • Property
    • Equipment
    • General liability
    • Automobile
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • Umbrella
    • Employment Practices Liability Protection (EPL)


“The Intrepid team is awesome,” said Kim M., owner of 48 Papa John’s locations. “They are a true ‘partner’ to our business and do a great job of helping to mitigate our losses and protecting our bottom line.”

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