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Cars on interstate showing telematic lines

Technology and Big Data touch Garage Operations creating opportunities and challenges at the same time. In this article, you will be provided with some gives and takes from the perspective of most Garage Business Operators.

Cars with Automated Driving Levels 2, 3, 4 & 5 (SAE International Standard J3016)

The use of technology in newly manufactured vehicles is increasing exponentially.  Advanced technology is needed to progress from beginner level 1 driver assistance to level 5 full automation as seen below.


Automated Driving Chart


The more autonomous the vehicles become, cameras and radar are essential. They are the eyes and ears of automated systems.

Remember that the gives and Takes below are from the perspective of most Garage Business Operators.



    • A long list of OE specifications detail when radar and cameras need to be recalibrated or tested. These numerous and extensive events will increase the need for vehicle service, if not maintenance too.
    • There are very few pieces of equipment needed and the costs look nominal to test or recalibrate the radar and cameras.
    • The steps and procedures are straightforward requiring only normative skill.



    • The indoor space required to meet the OE specifications will be a challenge – length, width, and height. In 2017 a Repair Driven News article supplied by I-CAR stated that the work space requirement for front camera systems alone exceeds typical alignment bay size.  Then this year during an APPEX Session, we learned that the new OE work space requirements have increased to more than 18 meters plus the car in width, 20 meters plus the car in length and almost two stories high.  Also, the work must be performed inside a building.  This makes it difficult if not impossible for a large percentage of garage operations to meet OE camera/radar recalibration specifications.
    • Different systems and specifications that vary by make and model.
    • Increased liability for failure to meet OE specifications.

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