Telemedicine Creating Efficiency in Workers’ Compensation

New telemedicine technology is creating efficiencies in emergency workers’ compensation care, benefitting both the employer and employee. Learn more abouttele-emergent care,” and the benefits to your business.
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Intrepid Direct’s insurance model saves customers time and money. But that’s not where the savings end for our customers. We continually partner with new, innovative technology companies to deliver further time and cost savings.


Intrepid Makes New Strides with New Partner

New telemedicine technology is creating efficiencies in emergency workers’ compensation care, benefitting both the employer and employee. This immediate technology often called “tele-emergent care,” provides all the capabilities of the emergency room with zero downtime.

“While tele-emergent care has obvious benefits for employers, it’s also empathetic to employees,” said Jim Miller, Vice President of Claims at Intrepid Direct Insurance. “It gives employees immediate medical attention while reducing the cost of workers’ compensation claims for employers across all U.S. industries.”


Doctor Visits Made Easy

In the tele-emergent care Intrepid provides to customers, app-based technology immediately connects employees to emergency room doctors 24/7 through video conference. From there, doctors assess the severity of employees’ injuries, provide medical treatment, prescribe medications, and advise an emergency room or urgent care visit, if warranted. They also immediately communicate any work restrictions with the employer.

Additionally, in that one call, the first report of injury is created and filed with the workers’ compensation administrator and the insurance provider – no double entries. The report includes audio/video recordings for future reference by either party, reducing the chance of fraud or later litigation.

Since these tele-emergent care providers understand employers’ business, they provide recommended first aid kit items personalized to the industry. They’re also equipped with post-accident drug screening kits that can be administered by a manager in the workplace.


We’ve Got Your – and Your Employees – Backs

The major benefit of tele-emergent care for employers is a transparent and cost-efficient workers’ compensation process. They are immediately aware of workers’ restrictions and can schedule accordingly. Transparent medical visit records allow for accurate claims by both parties. More so, it’s a less expensive process shown to reduce medical costs by 45%. That translates to lower monthly insurance premiums for the company.

For employees, these services mean improved medical attention. They receive immediate medical attention and have faster access to treatment or prescriptions. This level of personal care has boosted employee satisfaction scores.


Get Better Worker’s Compensation with Fewer Obstacles

Tele-emergent care for workers’ compensation is still in its infancy stages, so results across the workforce are still coming in. One company reported an 83% reduction in unneeded ER visits in their 1,000 most recent calls, thanks to this new technology. Compound that figure across all industries, and tele-emergent care has potential astronomical benefits to the U.S. workplace.

Intrepid Direct has offered tele-emergent care services to all workers’ compensation policyholders since January 2019. Since then, nearly one hundred tele-emergent care calls have taken place. The portal is easily accessed on our claims page and we offer the service across all our specialty industries, as we understand the unique risks to employees in each line of work. We also understand many accidents happen late at night. Tele-emergent care technology means employees don’t have to leave the store to receive immediate care.


Intrepid Customer Shares Their Tele-Emergent Care Story

Mysti, the Director of Human Resources for 52 Papa John’s locations says, “Tele-Medicine has taken a HUGE load off of me for injury reports!  By letting the people at the store call immediately, it means no more State-imposed late report fees!  Also, the ability to have a medical doctor make the decision about someone going to seek medical treatment is also the best benefit that I didn’t know I needed. I’m VERY pleased with how it is going!”

While Intrepid Direct’s model creates initial savings, our innovative technology provides further time and cost savings across all aspects of insurance.


How Do I Get This?

Already an Intrepid customer? Learn more about the tele-emergent care provided to you on the claims portal.

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