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Who says insurance has to be complicated?
Your product, covered. Direct business insurance designed for Cannabis dispensaries and retailers, with savings up to 20% vs an agent or broker.
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Direct Pricing

Get a better product at a lower price. We’ve cut out the middleman, creating a leaner, simpler, and faster experience while passing the savings on to you.

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Easy Application Process

Our application takes 2 minutes and you can get an insurance quote in as little as 24 hours.

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Improved Cash Flow

We offer flexible payment options to help with your business’s cash flow. You can also pay your premium and deductibles by ACH, check, or credit card, with no fees or finance charges!
Expect Better. That’s Our Policy.

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Complete, Customizable Coverage

From property to product, injury to adverse advice, the risks facing your cannabis business are covered by one simple, yet specific, reliable, and affordable plan.
And did we mention convenient? Our bundled approach to coverage speeds up quoting, minimizes paperwork, and maximizes the response when you need us most.

Additional coverages are available upon request.

Commercial Property & Building

Coverage for your building, inventory, equipment & more.

What’s Typically Covered

Protects your owned building, business personal property (BPP), cannabis stock, and equipment.

The Intrepid Direct Difference!

We love keeping things practical. While most insurance companies take whatever limit is on your current policy and use it on your future one, we evaluate your property limit each year. This way, you’re not under or over-insured.

General Liability

Protection for you and your business against normal and expected losses.

What’s Typically Covered

Costs associated with liability claims by your customers, suppliers, and any other third parties while on your premises.

The Intrepid Direct Difference!

Our expert team works with you to ensure you are properly covered, even against the odd and unexpected.

Product / Marijuana Liability

Provides coverage for your dispensary against claims related to your products.

What’s Typically Covered

This covers you if you unknowingly sell damaged or defective marijuana products that cause sudden or acute onset of illness to your customers.

The Intrepid Direct Difference!

As experts in the cannabis insurance industry, Intrepid provides this additional coverage for a wide variety of scenarios. This product liability coverage acts as a shield against product-related claims filed against your cannabis business.

Budtender's Professional Liability

Protection against losses not covered by traditional liability insurance.

What’s Typically Covered

Covers “Errors & Omissions” which can provide coverage for defense and damages incurred against your budtenders’ advice. For example, if your budtender inadvertently advises someone incorrectly on dosage or recommends the wrong product, this coverage has your back.

The Intrepid Direct Difference!

E&O insurance coverage is a ‘must have’ for any cannabis business so it’s important to work with experts at Intrepid Direct to understand exactly what sort of coverage you need to protect your business.

Hired & Non-Owned Auto

Insures the vehicles your employees own for your business operations use.

What’s Typically Covered

Coverage for incidental use of non-owned autos for business purposes.

The Intrepid Direct Difference!

Intrepid Direct’s auto policy provides liability coverage for hired and non-owned vehicles, the people operating them, and the damage they may cause should something happen when an employee is performing work duties. For example, an employee has to make a quick run to a supplier because you ran out of labels for your product and got into a car accident.

Workers’ Compensation

Takes care of your most valuable assets in the event they are injured on the job.

What’s Typically Covered

For employees who get injured or sick from a work-related cause. Includes disability benefits, missed wage replacement, and death benefits.

The Intrepid Direct Difference!

It’s not only our responsibility to insure your business, but to help you manage the costs of doing so. We offer telemedicine services through MedCall Advisors – a 24/7 hotline that can triage incidents, perform post-injury drug screenings, can prescribe medication, and will file the first notice of loss documentation on your behalf.

The State of Cannabis Today

As Cannabis dispensary and retailer insurance experts, we know the exact coverage terms required by your state. Currently, we are offering coverage in Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

Arizona, New Mexico, and Oregon coming in 2024!

Map of the United States showing which states allow medical and recreational mamajuana



Recreational & medical use regulated program

Intrepid Direct



Recreational & medical use regulated program

Intrepid Direct



Recreational & medical use regulated program

Intrepid Direct



Recreational & medical use regulated program

Intrepid Direct



Recreational & medical use regulated program

Intrepid Direct

New Mexico


Recreational & medical use regulated program

Intrepid Direct



Recreational & medical use regulated program

Intrepid Direct



Recreational & medical use regulated program

Intrepid Direct
Intrepid Insurance Company is rated A+ (Superior) Financial Size Category XV by A.M. Best1


Our client renewal rate is 93% year-over-year – significantly above the industry average


Clients can save up to 20% off their premiums by going direct, cutting out agent commissions


We’re a member company of W. R. Berkley Corporation (ranked #340 on the Fortune 500 list)

We Expect Better

Since our company was founded, we have been obsessed with providing a better insurance experience. We’re a partner who’s always thinking about ways to help business owners minimize risk and maximize their bottom line.

From coverage to convenience, our minds are always on the move for our clients.

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