Direct Insurance Meets Technology

As restaurant industry insurance experts, especially for businesses that rely heavily on delivery, we recognize how a successful telematics program will positively impact a business owner’s bottom line.
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What Is Telematics?

Telematics uses a combination of GPS technology and diagnostic data to monitor movement for the purposes of tracking an asset. Telematics uses a device connected to a cellular network to upload information to a server where it can then be aggregated, analyzed, and accessed by the end user through a data visualization software system.

For the delivery-driven restaurant, “telematics” is becoming the common method for measuring, monitoring, and optimizing driver behavior.

While telematics uses GPS technology, it’s not necessarily a replacement for the productivity trackers you may already be using. GPS provides insights on driver whereabouts for customers or in-store logistics, but alone won’t marry location information to the driving behaviors most -likely to lead to an accident.

This is where third-parties like Drivosity, a leading provider of telematics solutions for first-party delivery operations, are jumping in to help.

What you can measure… you can manage.
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Drivosity’s system (and all telematics systems) look at 4 driving components:

  • Speeding
  • Cornering
  • Braking
  • Acceleration

Each trip, the technology tracks the number of times a driver deviates from scientifically-proven safe driving tolerances. Drivosity’s technology produces a DriveScore® at the end of each trip, letting managers know where the driver performed well, and where the driver needs to improve.

How to Implement Telematics?

Intrepid Direct has created a “playbook” to get your business up to speed on a telematics program as quickly as possible, so you can begin realizing the benefits of the program. Our program implementation plan is simple:
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Design implementation and installation plan with Drivosity team

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Seamless driver setup and onboarding

Orange icon of a pencil and paper.

Consult with your HR team to develop policies and practices that encourage excellent safety performance

Orange icon of a map pin on a map.

Real-time / line-of-sight monitoring of your driver's behavior after they leave the parking lot

Orange icon of a reporting chart

Delivering behavior insights, performance analytics, and activity trends so your managers can coach excellence

Orange icon of a medal.

Provide data to support meaningful and in-the-moment driver rewards

How do you quantify piece of mind?

Improving your last mile delivery is more than improving productivity and quality. It’s about doing the right thing and caring about the safety of your drivers, the community, and the customers you serve.

Take back control of your business…

You can’t outrun risk, but you can take back control of your business by implementing Intrepid risk management program powered by Drivosity. Drivosity’s CORE & EDGE platform uses GPS/AI to measure and assess driver performance and behavior.

Benefits to Business Owners

  • 25% DISCOUNT off our normal hired and non-owned auto policy pricing
  • Control over the end-to-end customer experience
  • Lowering the possibility of bad things happening
  • Attract and retain drivers
  • Improved compliance
  • Increasing tracking/compensation accuracy

Let’s Get Started!

Email our telematics experts directly and get a quote to see how much you could save by implementing telematics with Drivosity!

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